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Crisis Response Plan
In compliance with Kelsey School Division Policy EBC, Margaret Barbour Collegiate is required to have a crisis response plan in place to protect the safety of students in the event of an emergency.  School Policy B. 20 clarifies the procedures for evacuation drills.  In the case of real emergencies, these procedures will be followed:

A.         Fire (or other Emergency) Alert
1.         The usual evacuation procedures will be implemented with the sounding of the fire alarm.  In the event the alarms do not activate, the PA system will be used to announce:  "This is a fire alert.  Please evacuate.

2.         The administration will determine the location of the fire and, if there is a fire, communicate further instructions to the receptionist with regard to:

a)         notifying the fire department and police
b)         notifying Scott Bateman Middle School that their facility is needed for shelter
c)         notifying the school division that there is a fire

3.         Doors are to be closed as you leave – staff members are to take attendance sheets with them. 

4.         Once at the evacuation site, staff members are to take attendance.  A runner is sent to the bus loading area to report discrepancies from class attendance to current attendance.

5.         Do not return to school until directed to do so.

6.         In climatic weather, students should evacuate to SBMS immediately.


B.         Security Alert
In the event that there is a sudden emergency as a result of a person armed with a firearm or other imminent danger, these procedures will be followed:
1.         The PA system will be used to announce: "This is a security alert".

2.         Teachers shall then account for the students in their class, move the students to an area out of sight of the hallway windows and ensure that the doors are locked.

            3.         Security – go to pool doors (if safe to do so) – keep people out.

4.         Head Custodian – Go to small lobby (if safe to do so) – keep people out and away from building.

5.         Assistant Principal – Go to main lobby (if safe to do so) – keep people away from building.

6.         Students in the halls are to immediately go to the washroom and remain there until the all clear.

7.         Teachers, support staff and students are to await further instructions which may pertain to:

a)         evacuating by a particular route
b)         avoiding an area of the building
c)         remaining inside the locked classroom

8.         The all clear will be announced over the intercom.


C.         Emergency Alert
In the event of a bomb threat, the principal or designate will determine whether an evacuation will occur.  Evacuations will be conducted as per regular evacuation drills unless otherwise directed by the principal.

1.         It is important that each teacher make a visual search of the classroom prior to evacuation.  Teachers should look around from waist height to the ceiling, noting any unusual packages or objects.  Teachers next make a visual search from waist level to the floor.  Upon evacuating, teachers are to keep alert to any unusual packages in the hall.

2.         The head custodian will search all washrooms and electrical rooms.

3.         The library staff will search all library, seminar and adjacent storage areas.

4.         Office staff will search the office areas.

5.         The assistant principal will inspect all classrooms that had not been in use at the outset of the alarm, if possible in conjunction with the teacher assigned to that classroom.

6.         Should something out of the ordinary be identified, the principal will be informed as soon as possible, but the object shall not be touched or moved.

7.         The principal will:

a)         designate the control centre - normally located in the main office, with the library as an alternate location
b)         direct the issuing of the evacuation order
c)         direct and assist with the search of the premises
d)         determine, in consultation with police officials, if students may re-enter

8.         The receptionist/secretary shall

a)         receive incoming calls and keep lines of communication open in compliance with division guidelines on bomb threat telephone procedures
b)         notify the principal or assistant principal of the emergency or threat
c)         announce "this is an emergency alert" and further directions as received from the principal
d)         notify the authorities (Fire Department, RCMP, Superintendent) as directed