Margaret Barbour
Collegiate Institute

Box 4700
The Pas MB R9A 1R4



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PHONE: 623-3485 FAX: 204-623-3139 EMAIL:
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Kathi McConnell-Hore, Principal

Trevor Lane, Assistant Principal



Chris Afatsawo - French, Geography

Angelika Bate - Resource

Russell Dobie, Woodworking

Nigel D'Souza - Science, Mathematics

Kristy Dyck - Drama, English

Andrew Esson - English, History

Anna Fan - Mathematics, Science, Chemistry

Brian Foley - Alternate Academic Program, Science, Phys. Ed.

Allyson Giardino - Social Studies, Computer Science, Drafting

Lisa Gibb - Business Courses

Heather Gibson - Band

Merrilee Hamilton - Counsellor

Annie Haukaas - English

Sherri Helstrom - Psychology, Aboriginal Studies, Family Studies

Lisa Holbert - Resource

Greg Hunter - Physical Education

Kathy Johnson - Alternative Academic Program, Driver Education

Heather Marlow - Counsellor

Pegi McGillivray - Art

Lorraine McIntosh - English

Don McKay - Mathematics

Vince Ogrodnick - Mathematics

Michelle Sabet - Outdoor Education, Geography

Brankica Saracevic-Lucic - Mathematics, Science

Adrianna Sawchyn - Biology, Science

Doug Scott - Metals

Shelley Ward - Physical Education

Beth Whyte - English, Social Studies




General Office:

  • Linda Farski, Secretary I
  • Tracy Janz, Secretary I
  • Joan LaJambe, Secretary II
  • Kelly Armstrong, Assistant to Administration


  • Ellen Long, Library Clerk II

Special Education:

  • Judy Alyea, Educational Assistant
  • Cathy Andreychuk, Educational Assistant
  • Tina Donaldson, Educational Assistant
  • Bev Dyrkacz, Educational Assistant
  • Joanne Kellington, Educational Assistant
  • Debbie Leeper, Educational Assistant
  • Shauna Libbrecht, Educational Assistant
  • Linea Mason, Educational Assistant
  • Scott McConnell-Hore, Educational Assistant
  • Gayle Pouliot, Educational Assistant
  • Susan Stark, Educational Assistant
  • Laurie Totte, Educational Assistant


  • Randy Kriniski (Head Custodian)
  • Glen Hagborg
  • Varsha Patel
  • James Turner
  • Tom Wright