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PHONE: 623-3485 FAX: 204-623-3139 EMAIL:
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Post-Secondary Information

Guidance Counsellors:

Ms M. Hamilton

Ms H. Marlow


Mrs. D. Curry


Mrs. A. Bate

Ms L. Holbert


Mrs. T. Janz

School Nurse:

Ms C. Kines


Student Services Responsibilities

  • Career Planning
  • Community Agency Referrals
  • Community Volunteer Credit
  • Course Advising and Schedule Changes
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Crisis Personal Counselling
  • Exchange Students
  • Grad Checks
  • Healthy Living Initiative Team
  • Independent Study Option
  • Liaison with Parents
  • Mature Student Status
  • Post Secondary Advising
  • Program Accommodations/Modifications
  • SAT/ACT  Testing
  • Student Transfers
  • Tutoring
  • University/College Applications
  • UCN/MBCI Programming (HCA, ECE)


Confidentiality - Student visits are confidential with the following exceptions:

- where there is reason to believe the student will harm themselves

- where there is reason to believe the student will harm someone else

- if there is a court order to release information



Community Resources:

Mental Health On-Call Worker-The Pas: 623-6431

Aurora House Crises Line: 623-5497

RCMP, The Pas: 627-6200

Victim Services: 627-6223

Women & Children's Advocate: 627-8483

Community Mental Health: 623-9650

Suicide Crisis Line: 1-877-435-7170

Kids HELP Phone: 1-800-668-6868